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Manx Queenies – everything you need to know

At The Fish House we love Manx Queenies and we know that most people do as well. Here is pretty much everything you need to know about Manx Queenies! Manx Queenies are fished around the Isle of Man’s waters and landed by day fished boats each evening at one of […]

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10 things you can do in Port St Mary

With the spring and summer approaching fast we thought we would give a shout out about the many things that Port St Mary has to offer.       So here are The Fish House’s 10 favourite things you can do when you visit Port St Mary: Take a steam […]

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Easter ordering

With Easter not far away now and fish featuring on many peoples dishes over the period we thought we would let you know that you can now place orders with us. We are now taking orders for the Easter period. If you have any requirements for Seafood platters, our very […]

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Cold Smoked and Hot Smoked – the difference

Smoked Salmon

I have recently been asked on several occasions what is the difference between cold smoked salmon and hot smoked salmon and also if hot smoked salmon is spicy? I thought I would take the time to explain these differences in a fairly simple and straightforward way. So here goes! Cold […]

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Port St Mary Deep South Festival

Deep South Festival

There is a great event that has been held every year for the past 2 years in the stone field in Port St Mary. It features live music over the space of several days. It is a nice event as all of the money goes to local charities. The 2015 […]

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